Our Products

Bi Metal Screws


In corrosive environments, this screw can withstand the elements with a stainless steel head, but still offer a strong carbon steel driving point. Created with innovative manufacturing processes and product designs, they can increase speed during the driving process and hold materials together through it all.

Chipboard Screws


With high ductility and unilateral unit combination characteristics, its specially designed thread and needle point enables the screw to roll and form the matching thread under varying pressures. A truly competent partner in your hardwood furniture projects.

Collated Screws


When the job calls for fast and frequent driving, collated screws must not only have consistent quality, but also must be held together by a durable strip. Prevent mechanical failures in your collated screw gun by choosing quality collated screws offered by Homn Reen.

Composite Panel Screws


A special self drilling screw that secures composite panels to steel purlins for longer lasting roofing structures.

Concrete Screws

"Serious Performer"

Concrete screws have a highly durable surface and an excellent performance level in terms of resistance to compression.

Drywall Screws


This “soldier” of the fastener industry directly fixes drywall to wooden beams or studs. The result is the construction of walls that could keep an army at bay.

INOX Stainless Hex Cap Screws


Produced with advanced assembly methods, the INOX stainless cap screw offers a low cost way to protect the screw from corrosive environmental conditions.

Machine Screws


Built specifically to match complimentary nuts or internally threaded components, machine screws are your best choice for fastening advanced engineered components.

Oil Filter Machine


To increase efficiency and decrease waste in the manufacturing process, Homn Reen Founder, Jack Lin invented this oil filtering machine to recycle large volumes of exhausted oil. This centrifugal design was patented in 2005, and has been used in Homn Reen ever since.



Product packaging can be critical for brand building and product appearance, but is also essential for transporting and distributing the right goods at the right time to the end user.

Particle Board Screws


Don't settle for wood or chipboard screws for use in your medium and high density fiber material projects. Particle board screws feature specially designed thread that achieves maximum hold & optimum tapping performance in fine grade particle boards.

Roofing Screws


Roofing screws are specially designed for residential fixed roofing. These are the worker bees of the fastener industry, able to achieve greatness through persistence and teamwork.

Self Drilling Screws


Save yourself time by drilling and driving in one step. Meeting any mechanical and performance requirements specified, SDS are able to drill a hole and form mating threads in the materials into which they are driven. We are the top producer of self drilling screws in Taiwan

Stainless Steel Screws


Truly in a class of its own, Homn Reen's stainless steel product line offers a high resistance to corrosion and aesthetic quality that can't be matched. With material ranges in Austenitic, Martensitic, and Ferritic categories, we can meet your requirements for any type of fastening application.

Surface Treatments


Protect your products from environmental conditions, and improve driving performance with the quality standard and specialized surface treatments offered by Homn Reen

Tapping Screws


Joins various types of materials in a wide variety of applications. Tapping screws have the ability to resist loosening, but can also be removed and reused after initial driving. Tapping screws are the workhorse in the construction field, and everyone will find a need for one at some point.

Thread Cutting Screws

"To the Point"

When it comes to driving, thread forming, and securing the fastener in the joint, thread cutting can vastly improve the results in most fastening applications.

Trilobular Screws


Optimized for use in malleable materials such as plastics, thread forming screws don't require pre-tapped mating threads and reduce scrap during driving for a cleanly installed joint.

Wood / Decking Screws


Wood screws must stand up to the test of time. Used mostly in furniture and small structural applications, they use their special thread design to withstand the intensive daily use of the pieces that they hold together.