Surface Treatments

Surface Treatments Available: 
Zinc - ClearZinc - Custom ColoredZinc - Blue
Zinc - BlackWax - StandardZinc - Base Coat
Zinc - YellowZinc NickelWax - Gleitmo
Ruspert - SilverGalvanized - MechanicalNickel
Galvanized - Hot DippedE-CoatingBlack Oxide
DacrometNylon PatchPhosphate - Black
Phosphate - GreyPassivationPaint - Powder
Paint - LiquidBaking - Hydrogen De-embrittlement
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Protect your products from environmental conditions, and improve driving performance with the quality standard and specialized surface treatments offered by Homn Reen. Surface treatments will also improve the appearance of your products, and we can match any aesthetic requirement specified by the end user.

As a fully integrated screw manufacturer, the Homn Reen Enterprise Group operates two full scale production facilities in both Taiwan and Vietnam. We are also able to produce many other varieties of screws per IFI, DIN, ISO, SAE, ASTM, BS, JIS, and per drawing. Please check out our complete product line at Our Taiwan Plant and Vietnam factories have implemented comprehensive quality standards. Homn Reen can also offer products in conformity with CE 14566 and CE 14592. Read more about our quality system at Established in 1985, Homn Reen now has over 30 years of manufacturing, exporting, and engineering experience.