Chipboard Screws

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Recess Types: 
Standard Under Head Styles: 
Double Locking SerrationDouble Torque SerrationHorn Moon
Locking SerrationNibsReverse Serration
Torque Serration
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Chipboard - Blunt Point
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With high ductility and unilateral unit combination characteristics, the specially designed thread and needle point enables chipboard screws to roll and form the matching thread under varying pressures. Chipboard screws are a truly competent partner in your hardwood furniture and wood frame housing projects.

As a chipboard screw manufacturer, the Homn Reen Enterprise Group operates two full scale production facilities in both Taiwan and Vietnam. We are also able to produce many other varieties of screws per IFI, DIN, ISO, SAE, ASTM, BS, JIS, and per drawing. Please check out our complete product line at Our Taiwan Plant and Vietnam factories have implemented comprehensive quality standards. Homn Reen can also offer products in conformity with CE 14566 and CE 14592. Read more about our quality system at Established in 1985, Homn Reen now has over 30 years of manufacturing, exporting, and engineering experience.